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Illustration: Chicago City Collage

IllustrationLaura NashComment

Oh hey, March. Has it really been 4.5 months since I've posted an illustration? I remember a streak of posting a bunch of illustrations within just a month or two after Hudson was born because he slept ALL the time. Ah, the glory days.

Illustrations of women will always be my fave, but this one has been in the works for weeks and weeks now. A pizza olive here, a ferris wheel car there--sneaking in what I can during naptime after I've eaten/showered/checked in with work/cleaned up around the house. If you're wondering, that would be approximately 4-7 minutes per nap on a good day.

There's a lot more I'd like to do, but I thought it would be good for my psyche to actually finish and share an illustration. Sometimes you have to choose DONE over perfect.

We've been cozied up at home this winter and I have to admit I am feeling so excited to get back out into the city this spring and show Hudson all of the things I love about our hometown. Perhaps that's what inspired this little collage? 

Cheers, friends! 

Illustration: Go Cubs Go!

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I was blessed with a huge head. The bigger the brain, as my mama likes to say! 

And it looks like my son has inherited my big brains, because his head size is in the 98th percentile and he looks like an adorable, cartoon bobblehead these days. 

All of this is to say that I have a rough time wearing baseball caps because they don't really fit me unless they have an extremely adjustable back and even then they look kind of weird. Which is a shame, because they're such a cute way to support the old home team and hide the fact that you haven't showered!

The Cubs are in the World Series right now, and though I'm not exactly what you'd call a die-hard fan (I still ask Jason how many innings there are, again?) I definitely appreciate what a huge moment this is for Chicago. 

Go Cubs, go! 



Illustration: Cold Shoulder

IllustrationLaura NashComment

I don’t know what it is, but ever since Hudson was born, I have become nearly obsessed with finding the time to create. I’ve written more and created more illustrations and design work than I have in years, and maybe ever.

Which is funny, because even though I’m “not working” right now, I am pretty sure I’m a.) working harder than I ever have in my life and b.) with far less free time than I did before. But maybe it’s something like... I just don’t want to waste any time anymore. 

I blinked, and Hudson turned 6 weeks old. How did that happen? I’ve never been more aware of the passage of time. It’s breathtaking, and scary. 

I only have one life, and I want my son to be proud of me. It’s scary to put yourself out there with something you’ve created — the fear of judgement, of saying, “I made this, and I think it’s good enough to put in front of you.” But there’s a growing part of me that thinks, every day, who cares? Isn’t it enough to do work that I’m proud of and makes me happy, and if it happens to make someone else happy too, all the better? Isn’t THAT what I want to teach my son? 

My hubby took the early morning feeding so I could sleep in today, but I just couldn’t turn my brain off. So I made a coffee, popped open my laptop in bed and started working on this girl and a slightly different style than my usual. I finished her during a nap time and I’m really happy with the way she turned out. 

Cheers to the weekend and doing what makes your heart happy, friends 😃